"Coup de foudre pour Cecile"               

"Three Fécampois, one from Le Havre, so much for the origins, their passions, the young ladies, beer and music, of course. not just any, the Californian, the one that makes you think of the beaches, the hammocks, the sun, but who also knows how to get your fists out, make the carcasses quiver, undulate the hips... Warm voices, well-constructed texts, music that sounds to the millimeter, in a word, great work that makes you want to escape, sing, dance." (Eric Deluard, Le Progrès de Fécamp, 30 mai 1982)

Daniel Lecouvey (guitar, vocals)

Jean-Yves Maurice (rythmic and solo guitars)

Jean-Yves Brancy (bass)

Patrick Maheut (drums and vocals).


Wimpy Player

AQUARIUM : titles 3 to 8 (1982 à 1984)

Studio Fremontel : titles 1 et 2 (1984) 

Clip FR3 1984

the local press